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We live in a world that is filled with advertising. Every day we're exposed to countless ads and brands, from organization’s vying for a moment of our attention.

Whether it’s on the train ride to work, watching tv, or reading your favorite magazine; the world we live in is filled with advertisements. The most memorable brands are the ones that are unique and visually stimulating.

With all this mental bombardment of advertisements it’s easy for brands to fade into the background and be forgotten. To succeed in business, your organization's brand name MUST be memorable and resonate with your target audience. It must stand out! Let us help you design a logo and web site that is impactful and memorable!

Check Out Our Design Offerings

We create visually stunning custom websites each tailored to meet your businesses look and feel. Each site we design and develop by hand from scratch to ensure the look and feel of your business is conveyed effectively. All of our web sites we design are mobile responsive (they look amazing on full web browsers and mobile browsers too), and are coded cleanly and always maintainable.

Custom Designed Logos

Logos are a critical implementation for any business to be taken seriously. They represent your brand and your businesses story. Our custom logos are each hand tailored to capture the essence and feeling of your company.

Brochure Design

Brochures are an important marketing tool. They provide potential clients with a tangible representation of your products or services. Our hand drawn brochures are always of the highest quality and resolution.

Web Design

It is important for customers to be able to find you online. All of our web designs are mobile ready (responsive) and custom made. Get online, and get noticed today!


Professionally designed letterhead is an excellent way to communicate professionalism to your clients. Our printed or print ready letterhead design services can help your business have that extra touch.

Business Apps

Professionally designed and printed business cards are an excellent form of direct communication with potential clients. Our business cards are thermography and of the highest quality. If you want a higher quality product choose us.

Style Guides

Large companies sink millions into professional style guides. A style guide is an excellent way to ensure your brand colors, fonts, and logo appear consistently on printed and online materials. Get your styleguide today.

Design Packages

A cohesive branding package is a must have for every business. At a bare minimum, a logo, a web site, and business cards will need to be designed with a cohesive strategy. It also means that business cards, the website, the logo, PowerPoint backgrounds, letterheads and more must all be uniformly consistent. The idea behind this is that an organization that has a consistent branding implementation looks professionally organized and appears ready to do business.

Large organizations such a Target or Walmart have entire teams dedicated to ensuring consistent branding. Their branding team governs everything from email signatures to company letter head and websites. These larger organizations are fully aware of the value that a cohesive branding package provides, and the impact it has on their revenue. A complete and well organized branding package is one of the reasons they managed to become large in the first place.

At Exeter Studios our aim is to help our clients become successful as possible by providing cohesive and comprehensive branding packages to our clients. Exeter Studios offers off the shelf and custom branding packages that are sure to WOW your customers, and increase market presence.

Our Works Says it All!

Evergreen Lawns

Logo - 2017
This logo was created for our portfolio. It was presented to a client as one of a few options. Ultimately we think it turned out great.

Sigma9 Studios

Logo - 2013
This logo was created as part of a package design for a customer. It was presented to a client as one of a few options.

Five Acres

Logo - 2017
This logo was created for our client Five Acres they loved the end result and couldn't have been happier. We love how it turned out too.

G Landscaping

Logo - 2017
This logo was converted to a vector from a rasterized image for our client. We love how it turned out.

Exeter Studios

Logo - 2014
This logo was created for our company. We wanted to provide the feel of high tech but still make the image fun and engaging.


Logo - 2015
This logo was created for an internal software project. We love how it turned out.


DJ Logo - 2017
This logo was created for our client DJ KineticX. You can check him out at www.kineticx.net


Software Logo - 2015
This logo was created for an internal product called toolbox. The end result was colorful and vibrant.

ProStar Mining

Software Logo - 2013
This logo was created for ProStar mining. A Small gold mining operation out of Seattle Washington.

ProStar Mining

Software Logo - 2013
This logo was created for ProStar mining. A Small gold mining operation out of Seattle Washington.

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Our web and development services can be purchased as a part of our branding solutions or independently. For independent custom development services click the more information button below.