As small a small business it can easy to overlook some of the critical functions of the business by getting tied down by doing the craft. For exmaple, functions like writing engaging business content for your web site, or search engine optimization.

These facets of the business are often overlooked by business owners. Simply because they are deemed dull or clerical in nature. With a complete suite of businesses services from Exeter Studios, you can focus on what matters most, and leave the clerical work to us.


We create visually stunning custom websites each tailored to meet your businesses look and feel. Each site we design and develop by hand from scratch to ensure the look and feel of your business is conveyed effectively. All of our web sites we design are mobile responsive (they look amazing on full web browsers and mobile browsers too), and are coded cleanly and always maintainable.

Large organizations such a Target or Walmart have entire teams dedicated to ensuring their web sites are flawless. In this modern age your business needs a solid mobile ready web site to effectively compete.

At Exeter Studios our aim is to help our clients become successful as possible by providing cohesive and comprehensive web development solutions for our clients.

Custom Web Sites

It's no new idea that most people search online to access the services they need. Your business needs a website so you can be found.

Scripting Services

Why manually deploy changes to your website when you can have an automated solution do it for you. We offer solutions in C#, Ruby, Python and more.

Wordpress Development

It's no wonder that over 20% of all internet sites use Wordpress. We offer customized wordpress solutions and amazing implementations..

Hosting Migrations

Going cheap on hosting will inevitably cause problems. Leverage our pool of dedicated servers to host your site today & we'll transfer it for you.

Web Hosting

Professional hosting can help keep your site online and ready for business. Let our pool of dedicated hosting servers ensure your site is always available.

Software Development

Looking for custom software development? Our experts are fluent in C#, Ruby, Python, and Java. We do desktop apps, mobile (iOS/Android) and more! Contact us today!



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