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We built Exeter Studios on decades of experience in software development, delivery, and exceptional customer service. Our thought leaders, help your business achieve your software goals by working closely with you to design, develop, and deliver.

Whether it's designing a simple wordpress solution for your company, creating a SaaS application, developing a mobile app, or building custom ecommerce software, our solutions are always of high quality, scalable and cutting edge.

We don't just sell websites, plugins, or apps, we help our clients achieve their unique specific and tangible goals.

We currently have 10 employees with a healthy mix of designers and highly skilled developers. We invite you check out our organization for all your design and development needs.


ToneTip is a patented service that allows media producers to create and embed audio QR codes into audio and video productions. Exeter Studios LLC. has an ongoing engagement with ToneTip to updat the backend and integrated Stripe Payment Gateway for monthly / yearly subscription renewal. The engagement also includes new subscription plan page design, software development, AWS integration, AWS deployments, and upgrading of the Android and iPhone apps to meet current OS standards.

Precis LLC

Exeter Studios LLC, built a universal EHR solution which is HL7, FHIR, and HIPPA complaint. It leverages international ICD10 standards to support international medical personnel, and contains modern, secure encryption standards

PCC Inc.

Healthcare Software Application Development

PCC Inc required an indepth software analysis and pre development phase apporach to identify the architecture, contents and related coding standards placed by a previous team. While we were at it we designed them a clean, modern glass looking landing solution for thier company. We think the results turned out beautiful. Don't you?


Firewatch is a security hardened VMWare NSX appliance designed to collate security solutions from two disparate technologies and combine those with elegant design. The end solution is served up as an OVA [ESXI & NSX compatible] VM that has been professionally security hardened using military grade encryption and security standards.

Collab Corner

Job Posting & Bidding Software

Collab Corner was designed using HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery, and other modern technology solutions. We then fused those with Ruby on Rails, Phusion passenger and Solar text searching.... all this to create a seemless job portal solution that eloquently fuses design and robust backend coding. Check out the solution at http://www.collabcorner.io

Exeter Landing

Designed as a new landing and interactive portfolio, we couldnt help but post this. We think it turned out amazing. The design fuses sleek dark images with crisp clean edges. The system is designed to be mobile responsive and clean.

Sales Influencer

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Sales influence is a social media solution aimed at allowing market influencers to get paid for their connections into industry and business. The end solution was entirely designed and developed by Exeter Studios using HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Ruby on Rails and other modern technology solutions.

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Our Engineering team is the real magic behind Exeter Studios. Some of the best and brightest from around the world!

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