Communication is Key to Better Software Solutions

In today’s business and commercial environment, investing in software for your company is becoming crucial to be able to compete and keep your company afloat

However, considering that custom software development is still a large investment, amounting to at least US$30,000, it will still be important to get to know the process of making the best software to your business’ needs; as well as people who will work on it with you; be they an outsourced company or your own staff.

Govind Rai, Exeter Studios Sales and Marketing Head

“The basic idea is delivering solutions to your client,” remarked Exeter Studios’ Sales and Marketing Head Govind Rai, adding that it is a two-way process between the client and the development team.

“You need to complete the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process,” Rai explained “get yourself involved during the requirement-gathering process.”

SDLC, also called the Application Development Cycle, refers to the process of creating software through its stages of planning, creating, testing, and deployment.

For Rai, who has been in the software development industry for more than ten years, communication between developer and customer is key, with both able to connect with each other’s thoughts effectively.

“You can see and imagine the product you’re going to deliver to your client,” he added, referring to the developer’s ability to visualize what needs to be done: a trait that Rai insists is important for a software designer.

Rai also stressed the need for the development team to update the client on the project’s progress; not only to assure the customer that he is being attended to, but also to avoid issues along the way in terms of changing needs and confirming.

Rai enumerated, “Getting a complete list of things: wireframing, technical documentation, getting everything signed off by the stakeholders during the project discovery phase, and managing how the deliverables will be in applying the latest tools for the project,” as things that need attention during the SDLC process.

Regular updates are also important, and that a development teams should insist on meeting with the client, around twice a week, if possible.

“Involve yourself in meetings,” Rai advised, “so you can interact with your clients and see their reviews and feedback to the solutions developers are delivering. “

Clients’ red flags should be raised if software programmers and software development companies no do not do these with them, warned Rai.

“I have seen that some developers don’t do this,” lamented Rai. “They don’t want to interact with clients and basically do the coding stuff only.”

In an earlier interview, Exeter Studios CEO and Executive Director Jonathan McAllister remarked how the company treats customers not only as clients, but as partners.

“Our goal is that you succeed as a business,” McAllister assured.

Edwin Oscar Gutierrez, Jr.//Exeter Studios, LLC

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