Exeter Studios: HIPAA means positivity

“It’s really important that we adhere to these guidelines and ensure that the people who are affected by the software that we create are affected in a positive way.”

For Exeter Studios, LLC CEO Jonathan McAllister, getting certification on the United States’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is more than simply getting a blue ribbon for the Texas-based software development company––– it’s also to raise standards in delivering its services to their clients.

For McAllister, Exeter Studios should not only take care of its own and its employees, but also its clients: especially the people who will use the company’s products at the end.

“We shouldn’t have a solution in place that jeopardizes their health or their security and privacy by account of any misdoing on our part,” he explained.

As part of their goals for the year 2019, Exeter Studios; which provides numerous types of software solution, as well as webpage design, solutions to businesses seeking to improve their performance in the emerging online and digital age; has set out to earn HIPAA accreditation for its healthcare software offerings.

With its HIPAA-recognized software, medical practitioners such as hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare-related establishments are ensured that the products they get from Exeter Studios are not only top quality and dependable; but are set to national standards as well.

With a HIPAA certification, Exeter Studios will be one of only a handful­­­–––if not the only–––software solution company that actually follows the stringent set of standards that the US federal law demands.

HIPAA is a set of requirements set by the United States government that ensures that patients are protected from fraud, invasion of privacy, loss of health insurance benefits, and billing mismanagement.

To learn more about how Exeter Studios, LLC can be your partner in healthcare and other types of business software and solutions, you may email [email protected], visit https://www.exeterstudios.com/, or call us at 1-(877) 393-8370.

Edwin Oscar U. Gutierrez, Jr// Exeter Studios, LLC

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