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In 2017, about 1.66 billion people around the world went online to buy, amounting to $2.3 trillion in retail. According to, aside from these figures, projections show an upward trend in online shopping that may result in an additional $4.48 trillion by 2021.

About 61.6% of people online use e-retail stores in 2018, Statista adds, with numbers expected to rise to 65.2% by 2021. Aside from online shopping portals, many businesses and corporations also use the internet to sell their wares and services, such as airlines and other transportation providers, hospitality providers such as hotels, and countless others. Basically, if you want something, you can find it online.

However, most small businesses seem to steer away from the online market, with only 17% opening an online store, many of which tend to stay safe by opening an account with established e-commerce portals to showcase their wares.

While this may be a good option for fledgling businesses, there are certain drawbacks with online retail platforms that may take a toll on the business in the long run. Factors like the platform’s availability on various OS, limited inventory slots, and limited customization and design options. Add to that being subject to the portal’s policies, such as being charged for having an account with them, having to follow their shipping and payment model, and having them interfere with customer issues.

Exeter Studios can help small businesses free themselves from the constraints of e-commerce platforms by helping them conceptualize, design, create, and launch their own online stores. By having their own outlet on the web, small and even medium-sized manufacturers and sellers can have several advantages which can push them to edge out their competition.

Lower startup

Having a conventional retail store can cost a lot of capital, especially in terms of real estate. Prices for office space can go as high as $74 per square feet in locations like New York. Aside from that, you can save up in terms of staff, since you will no longer need store attendants and other support personnel. By having an online outlet, you will be freeing up your resources for your company’s other needs.

Increase your customer reach

By going online, your market will no longer be bound by physical location and giving you the ability to reach out to customers all over the world. Also, customers engagement and interest can increase, with you being able to showcase the qualities of each of your products, giving your clients a more informed choice, which can lead to better satisfaction and return businesses.

Easier tracking

Exeter Studios can make it so that you can monitor online visitors’ activities while they’re on your website. With these data, you can make the necessary changes on your store and business, such as which of your products are best-sellers and which inventory raises the most interest.

Increased productivity and revenues

Since you are no longer constrained by nine-to-five store and office hours, your customers can do business with you round-the-clock. This can result in larger revenues, provided that you answer and attend to their transactions and inquiries on time.

Create your own identity

With Exeter Studios’ assistance, your business can have an elegant, easy-to-navigate, and user-friendly website that will best represent your company. Our web and software designers can easily coordinate with you to help you realize your business concepts and find the best business solutions to fit your need. With the people at Exeter Studios having more than a decade’s experience in software and webpage development for businesses, they can deliver what your company needs, the best way to bring them.

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