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In the United States, there are around 13,090,150 healthcare providers, including 1,085,783 doctors, taking care of patients in various medical facilities, including 5,534 hospitals. This involves a lot of coordination among many and various people–––many of which may not be able to personally coordinate with one another–––to take care of their Patients. This not only involves setting appointment schedules between the Primary Care Doctor, Patient, and other Specialists who may be needed for treatment; but the Patients’ keeping more sensitive Medical and Health Records safe as they are exchanged between the Health Workers, as well

In response to this, Exeter Studios, as a company that seeks to provide innovative Healthcare Software Solutions, is currently developing Software Programs for medical Groups that will simplify their operations in terms of Patient Engagement, Patient Care, Record Keeping, and effortless Coordination among them

During the Healthcare software design and development, we need to follow standard US Healthcare regulatory compliances to make sure that Patient Data and Privacy never be compromised.

Patient Care: Better Engagement

Exeter Studios LLC. recently leveraged Twilio Telephony Integration (Voice and SMS’s), helping Doctors and Patients to coordinate effortlessly with each other in setting appointments, following up on treatments, and basically having access with each other for whatever situation may arise.

With this technology solutions, situations like Patients not being able to go to their check-ups, Doctors not being kept up-to-date with their patients’ progress, and finding and coordinating with other medical workers on the Patients’ condition and treatment; can all be minimized, if not entirely avoided.

Secure Record-Keeping: Custom EMR /HER development from the ground up

Another concern that Exeter Studios LLC. currently addressing in Healthcare Software for one our Client for maintaining Patient’s record secure and confidential. Considering that medical information is sensitive, the software solution company is making sure that its program is compliant to all the guidelines set about by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure that not only will it be able to give precise and thorough patient Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Electronic Health Records (EHRs), but that their privacy be kept as well, with access only given to the concerned medical personnel actually involved in the Patient’s case.

Exeter Studios LLC. is also working towards Health Level-7 standards and FHIR, to be integrated into major EMR and HER portals so that Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) processes can be automated.

All of these features will be Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud-based, meaning all exchanges can be done online, to ensure protected accessibility to everyone involved.

If you have any Healthcare Software design and Development requirement, please reach out to us @ [email protected] or call us at 1-(877) 393-8370.


 Govind Rai & Edwin Oscar Gutierrez, Jr.//Exeter Studios, LLC

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