On Point and On Time: Why Exeter Studios Is the Best Software Partner for Your Business

Let’s face it: in life, with all its limitations and multitude of needs that need to be addressed, we just can’t have it all. Even the most successful among all of us has flaws if examined closely enough. The truth is, no one can have everything every time.

In this world, compromise is key.

That’s also the same for goods. You may have seen it around recently in the internet: you can have anything good, cheap, and fast. The problem is, you can only pick two among the three.

These choices also apply for software developers and their services.

“Cheap and fast” is the shortcut, stopgap option among the three. Basically, the product is there just for the sake of being there. This can be useful in situations where you need something for show, which is exactly the problem: you end up with an app that’s buggy at best to just plain not working.

“Another problem with those kinds of organizations is ‘turn and burn’,” explained Exeter Studios CEO Jonathan McAllister on companies that offer low-priced, immediate, but shoddy products.

“Their goal is to crank out a customer as fast as they possibly can with the least amount of work possible and effectively leave the client with a product that’s effectively sub-par.”

An alternative choice will be “cheap and good.” Compared to “cheap and fast,” this is a definitely better option, but considering the 62% increase in the number of apps developed for Google’s Android, from 3,797 to 6,140 between the 2016 to 2018, chances are by the time your software will be ready, it’ll already be obsolete.

That’s why Exeter Studios offers quality software products and solutions which can be ready and available right when you need it.

“We are ‘good and fast,’” declared McAllister, “with emphasis on ‘good.”

Exeter Studios, based in Austin, Texas, is made up of webpage and software designers from around the world, whose skills and talents are a point of pride for the company.

“We’ve got graphic designers and web page designers who are top-notch in the industry,” boasts McAllister.

“They’ve done some of the best things I have seen since the history of the internet.”

Offering web design and software solutions, Exeter Studios offers software and IT solutions to anyone who wants to explore business ideas on the internet. Whatever needs and ideas you want done, Exeter Studios find ways to help you.

“I want my software to do this; or I want my website to have a payment integration solution; or I want a custom Shopify app that I want created to go with my website: we pair our development team with our design team to create really amazing presentations.”

Considering that setting up a team to develop a software for a company can be exorbitant, with a price tag that can reach up to $480,000 a year, tapping Exeter Studios’s development services, for around $30,000 to $100,000, can greatly cut costs.

“Our goal as a company is to minimize that organizational risk,” McAllister explained, “it’s one thing to risk $480,000 on a development concept that just may not work, it’s a totally different thing to risk $100,000.”

He also added that it usually takes three months for a $30,000 software product to develop, while more detailed and complicated $100,000 jobs requiring six to eight months before being ready for use.

McAllister acknowledged that there are software companies in other countries that can provide similar services, at a lower price, but their services usually end right when the product and payment have exchanged hands.

“We’ll actually partner with you,” he offers.

“The biggest problem with these organizations is their understanding of business within the United States,” explained McAllister, “they don’t necessarily have the expertise on how to develop and market a solution at a consumer audience that’s not located in their country.”

To help its clients, mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Exeter Studios offers affordable payment packages that will be affordable and eay for any organization to handle.

“We’re not the cheapest solution out there, accepts McAllister, “and we’re not going to be. And that’s ok.”

“The quality of the work that we do warrants a higher price tag.”

Edwin Oscar U. Gutierrez, Jr.//Exeter Studios

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