Today’s industry and economy is all about the global village. Various factors such as trade deals between countries, transportation and communication, especially the worldwide web; has made it so that anyone can get anything from anywhere.

E-commerce is now a $2.3 trillion dollar industry worldwide, with revenues expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. More people find it more convenient, since there’s no need to leave the house at all. Also, there’s a sense of achievement that goes along online transactions: like finding that one unique thing everyone wants but doesn’t have.

The emerging challenge for businesses nowadays is shifting their model to extend their reach and be able to cater to clients beyond their immediate area to even farther customers.

This is where software development comes along: by investing in apps and other software and online solutions, you can help your business ride the worldwide wave and keep up with the times.

However, because developing software on your own can be costly, many would consider outsourcing to software development companies, such as Exeter Studios.

However, some may take a dangerous turn going forward by dealing with companies operating abroad, because it’s cheaper. This can turn out to be a high-risk gamble, with so many things coming out wrong and resulting in possibly fatal consequences for your company.


Along with the economy of using outside developers is the danger of dealing with fly-by-night software companies. Their offers may be great, but it can be because they don’t need to back it up in the first place. How are you going to go after someone who did you a shady deal from across the planet?

With local developers, you know what you can get, and you know from whom you’re getting it from. And if ever things go wrong, addressing your concerns with them will only need a short trip. Aside from that, you have a guarantee that consumer laws will be the same for the both of you, and that it’ll be as fair as possible.


While communication technology has come a long way, making it easy for anyone to reach everyone to and from anywhere, we have to consider the possibility of things going wrong. What if either one of you lose internet connection? How will you be able to communicate?

Working with your neighborhood business won’t have that problem. After all, you’re neighbors: you can just pop your head in and check up on them basically any time you need to. More importantly, know they’re there, and you know where you can find them


Despite its conveniences, online deals need a lot of different factors for them to work smoothly. Issues such as payments, connectivity, shipping and logistics, among others can make or break the transaction. Also, the software infrastructure they use may be incompatible to what you have in your country, resulting in wasted manpower, time, and capital; not to mention the need to redo is all over again. A lot of things can happen along the way that waiting for your deal to come through can be a nail-biting experience.

Let’s face it: nothing beats a simple hand-to-hand exchange. Not frills, no fuss, no problems. This is something that only local businesses can offer.




Personal Interaction

Humans are a social animals: human contact is a vital aspect of our being. In fact, according to psychologist Abraham Maslow, interpersonal interaction and relationships are on the third level of needs of any person, right between safety and self-worth. By engaging with local enterprises, we feed this need with our personal collaboration with real people.

The irony of communication technology is that because we can now talk to anyone anywhere, we neglect talking to the person right next to us. This is also true with dealing with offshore businesses. Video and voice calls are fine, but they can never be the same as being there with your partner and shaking his or her hand. But personally being with your software developer, you know who these people are and what they stand for: and how they can be of help to you.


By not doing business with your community enterprises, you are effectively taking away revenue from your community. This will mean less collectible taxes to help your area grow. In the long run, this can lead your town to stagnate, maybe even decline: taking you along with it.

By engaging with your neighborhood shop, you keep your money in your place, which will in turn help you community grow, which will hopefully help everyone prosper across the board. This will eventually translate into having them being able to do better business with you.

One only has to look at it carefully to understand that while the global online community has a lot to offer, what’s more impactful for anyone’s life will always be the immediate community.

Little Business, Global Solutions

US-based Exeter Studios, like yours, is a small company, but with global competencies using a local and personal approach. We can be your partner in developing your business to make it not only survive the e-commerce wave, but to ride it.

Edwin Oscar U. Gutierrez, Jr.//Exeter Studios, LLC


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