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Our Story

Exeter Studios was conceptualized long before our official LLC founding in August of 2017. Our story dates back to the frigid winters of Boston MA in 2001 - 2003, where the seeds of our radically different company were planted, and the roots of our humble organization sprouted. Founders Jonathan McAllister & Stephanie Kellogg lived and worked on Exeter Street in downtown Boston. It was during this period, the founders learned the lessons of humility, kindness, and giving. 

Since founding we have grown to 9 employees worldwide and have successfully delivered
over 30 projects to clients around the world.

While the core of the company has grown, our perspective on business has not. High quality elegant designs fused with well architected software. To wow our clients and their audiences

We founded Exeter Studios LLC in 2017. Upon founding Exeter Studios, our goal has always been to build an enterprise grade software development firm that exceeds customers expectations and acts as a thoughleader in technology innovation, design, and social responsibility. We aim to achieve this by showing that delivering high quality services to our customers provided by Exeter Studios can serve as a platform for tangible change

Built in Austin TX • BBB Accredited

Austin's premier brand for master crafted custom software design & software development

Our Team of Experts!

Our Team of Experts Exeter Studios has a team of top notch experienced, skilled and well-motivated professionals (both Engineering and Design Experts) whose aim is to provide the most effective and efficient software services. Our consultants are professionals from most of the reputed industry and business schools, focussed to deliver customised solutions to our clients.

  • Jonathan McAllister

  • Stephanie Kellogg

  • Govind R.

  • Edwin G.

  • Marjun M.

  • Neil Z.

  • John G.

  • Emmanuel G.

  • James P.

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