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Where elegant design meets custom innovation

Artistic and elegant design fused with clean impactful development

Realizing our clients visions and ideas is only one part of the Exeter equation. Crafting, and designing a software solution that exceeds a clients expectations, represents the quintessential characteristic of a true software connoisseur. We hand craft all our solutions to interweave beauty and functionality into a solution that will deliver results & enhance your portfolio.

We bring bold & creative software ideas to life

Turn-key custom software development services by master craftsman

Business & Cloud Software

Business & Cloud

Our team creates attractive and engaging web applications. Each of our SaaS implementations are intuitive and easy to navigate for your users. Come see what our team of highly skilled design & development experts can do for your business!

Mobile Apps

Mobile iOS & Android

Mobile apps have take the digital world by storm, a successful businesses is almost always supported by a solid mobile user experience. Don't get left out in the rain or miss an opportunity to captivate your audience. Come see what our team can do for your mobile presence today.

Healthcare HIPAA

Healthcare &
HIPAA Software

Building on years of experience in the healthcare software industry, we understand the risks and requirements in developing healthcare software. Even with HIPAA compliance! Come see why we are the best choice for your healthcare and software development project.

business sites

Business & Enterprise
Software Apps

Create attractive and engaging business software using our team of skilled business software developers. We code and test it, and you only have to worry about marketing and sales.

Shopify & eCommerce

Shopify Apps &

Whether you want to customize your theme, products, discounts, checkouts, or payments, we've got you covered. Our team of experts LOVE shopify & eCommerce implementations. Come see what we can do for your business!

Web Apps

Web Development

Looking to get your web based software idea up and running quickly? We have many ways to help you get there. Our team of experts design, develop, and deploy your site or application. On time, and on budget.

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About Exeter Studios

We built Exeter Studios on decades of experience and high end craftsmanship in software design, development, and delivery. Our thought leaders, help organizations realize their goals in technology through a unique combination of high end design, and superior development technique.To our master crafters, sleek user experiences, and structurally sound engineering combine to create imaginative innovations. Our creations are a timeless perfection that is engineered and scaled to last.

Client Testimonials

A design customer that loved our services

Exeter Studios works quickly on my mobile responsive cloud solution, they produce quality work and communicate very well. I would work with them again and would recommend them to others.

-- Steve Mitcham

A development customer that loved our services

Exeter Studios played a pivotal role in providing seasoned, highly specialized technical staff to projects being incubated by IEEE's Innovation Lab. Our relationship made projects possible that otherwise never would seen the light of day.

-- Tom Griffin
A design customer that loved our services

I had a great experience with Jonathan and the Exeter team. As a non-technical founder, I rely on clear, concise information. Deadlines were met and I was very pleased with the master craft approach and quality of work.

-- Zach House

A development customer that loved our services

Exceptional eCommerce designer, developer and visionary. Great to work with. Would recommend them to anyone. I am planning phase two to work with them again and would recommend them to others.

-- Colin Shaw & Conor Coyle